Are Footy Tips The Ultimate Test Of NRL & AFL Knowledge

The great Australian past time known as football tipping has significantly grown in popularity since the Internet emerged as the communication medium of choice across society.

What once took the form of a large sheet marked up with a column for every player, and a row for every round in the season, fastened to the fridge with a magnet or built as a spreadsheet by the office clerk, on-line footy tipping is one of the most popular on-line entertainment markets in Australia.

Since it’s early beginnings, websites that facilitate on-line footy tipping competitions amongst friends, clubs and offices across Australia, have undergone continual improvement which has taken the humble footy tipping contest to new levels of excitement.

What started out as ‘standard tipping rules’ where players received a point for a correct selection and no points for a draw, has now moved on to offer many more exciting games that require participants to take a more strategic approach towards posting their footy tips. Websites like have designed more advanced footy tipping games which test NRL and AFL knowledge in a more specific, and arguably, fairer way.

Every NRL and AFL footy team participating in a match has a different chance of winning the game.

Depending on a team’s past results, performance against the team it is playing, injuries, location of the game and other factors, the odds for any team to win a particular match are usually very different.

Frequently these factors stack up significantly in one team’s favour so that they become the overwhelming favourite to win the match and therefore the most popular tip amongst competitors. Although this selection is more obvious and easier to arrive at for the tipping contestant, the ‘standard tipping rules’ only allocate them the same point that they would receive if they defied popular thinking and tipped the underdog. A more fairer tipping system issues points to the tipster based on the probability of their selection winning the match.

Points that are based on an NRL or AFL team’s chance of winning are provided by all bookmakers in Australia in the form of betting odds. More advanced footy tipping websites like allow users to create footy tipping competitions that use betting odds for points, allowing a fairer system of point allocation to prevail.

Another advancement in footy tipping competitions which was invented by is the Punters Footy Tipping Competition. The punters competition allows players to select one of four options for each of two teams in any fixture.

If, for example, the Rabbits were playing the Bulldogs, the player could select either the Head-to-Head, Line, Lower Margin or Higher Margin result for their preferred team. If they selected the Head-to-Head result for a team, they are tipping that team will finish the game with more points when the full-time siren goes and receive the odds relating to that outcome provided by the bookmakers.

If they select the Line for a particular team, they are tipping that team will finish in front taking into account the points subtracted or added in the line details. For example if the Bulldogs were at odds of $1.90 with a start of 7.5 then the player only loses if the Bulldogs lose by eight or more points.

The Lower Margin is a range of points that the player thinks a team will win by. They can also select the Higher Margin which starts where the Lower Margin finishes. When tipping margin outcomes are selected they usually result in higher points being allocated to the players score, as they are more risky and therefore less likely to get right. A key benefit of this scoring approach is that contestants are in the tipping competition for longer. If they happen to fall far behind the leaders they can opt to take riskier selections which will enable them to quickly close the gap between themselves and the leaders.

Typically the leaders in the competition will take a less risky approach to preserve their lead, so it is not uncommon to see a player come from behind to contest the lead in the dying stages of the competition.

If you think the Punters Footy Tipping Competition is the ultimate test of someone’s NRL and AFL knowledge then think again. One factor that the punter’s competition doesn’t cater for is a contestant’s confidence in a tip.

A contestant might be more confident in an outcome that has big odds and therefore should get rewarded if they wish to place more emphasis on that particular tip. Sites like achieve this through the horse racing tipping competitions on their site by allowing punters to place a big bet for one of their selections.

The selection marked as their big bet multiplies the odds of a winning tip by a higher factor than their other tips, resulting in a bigger score when their big bet wins. Another approach to gauge confidence in a selection is to measure a punter’s profitability from their actual bets throughout the NRL and AFL season. A punter will implicitly stake a bet amount based on their confidence in the selection, so betting profitability over an entire footy season is the ultimate test of AFL and NRL knowledge.

Punters can test their footy knowledge by starting a punters club on-line at Not only can you test yourself, but you can invite your mates to join, get emailed their bets and results, and access their profitability statistics throughout the entire NRL and AFL footy season.

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