CrownBet First Deposit Bonus

CrownBet Pick The Winners – 150% First Deposit Bonus

The Pick the Winners promotion is sponsored by, the 100 percent Australian owned and operated bookmaker.

The most important rule of which punters should be aware is that they must have turned over at least $50 in the week prior to participating in the promotion in order to claim a prize.

The promotion is free to any punters who hold a CrownBet account. The top prize is $100,000.

The aim of punters taking part in Pick the Winners is to correctly pick the winner of every race on the card.

pick the winners by CrownBet

Very Easy To Play

In order to win the top prize, the meeting offered by CrownBet must have a minimum of eight races.

In the event there are fewer than eight races held, for any reason, a consolation prize is offered.
Free bets of $200 are awarded to punters who pick the winners of the first four races, $400 for correctly picking the first five, $1,000 for the first six and $10,000 for the first seven.

If there are no winners, no prize will be awarded, but the prize does not carry forward. Also, it will take 14 days for CrownBet to ascertain that all eligibility requirements have been fulfilled before the prize won will have their CrownBet wagering account credited.

The promotion is limited to Australian residents who are over 18 years of age.

Additionally, it is not open to residents of South Australia and Australian Capital Territory. Complete terms and conditions of the promotion are available at CrownBet’s website.

In the event that more than one punter correctly picks all the winners of the race meeting, the prize will be divided amongst all punters who selected accurately.

CrownBet 150% First Deposit Bonus

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