Garry Foulds

Garry Foulds – Retired Australian Rules Football Player

Garry Foulds was one of the greatest VFL players to have played for Essendon Club. He was known by the name ‘a ball magnet’ among his team members and fans.

garryfouldsBorn on May 13, 1956, Garry Foulds was one of the greatest players to have played for Essendon Club. He is one of the few players who have played 300 games in total throughout his career.

He is one of the only five players from Essendon to have achieved this feat. However, Foulds said that he cherished the Grand Final victory over Hawthorn in 1984 more than his 300-games achievement. Over 6 feet tall, Garry was a man of exceptional calibre. His skills and his speed made him one of the most feared players among his opponents.

Playing Career

1974-1989: Essendon Club

Unlike several greatest players of VFL, Garry Foulds stayed with Essendon throughout his playing career, played 300 games in total, and kicked 140 goals in those 300 games.

He was mostly seen playing on halfback line or on the wing. He used to play in Essendon District Football League for West Essendon juniors before he made his debut in Victorian Football League in 1974 for Essendon club.

Garry Foulds made his debut against Fitzory in 1974 in Round 8. Until 1977, he had to struggle to retain his position with Essendon but later became a regular.

Garry was a member of Essendon teams that won the Grand Finals of 1984 and 1985 against Hawthorn. Garry was also a member of the Grand Final team of Essendon for year 1983 when the club lost to the same opponent. 1977 was Foulds’ breakout season when he confirmed his position in Essendon club.

Throughout the season Garry Foulds was often found winning the ball in midfield or halfback.

This led the experts to openly accept that Garry had a weird ability to be in the right place at the right time and that Garry was one of the most dangerous players once he won the ball from the opponent.

That was true because he was actually a feared player among his opponents and once he won the ball, opponents usually diverted their all skills to win the ball back from Garry.

Robert Shaw, one of the teammates of Garry went on saying that Garry was one of the best kicks and because of his height and pace; he could easily carry the ball. Kevin Sheedy, Garry’s last AFL coach praised Garry saying that Foulds was an unselfish team player and was very calculated in his moves.

Garry Foulds never diverted his attention to media and managed to stay away from camera. He said that he enjoyed not being an iconic player for the club and that he rather enjoyed concentrating on football and enjoyed playing along with his teammates.

Awards And Achievements

  • 1979 – Finished 3rd for Essendon Best and Fairest award.
  • 1981 – Inside Football team of the year member.
  • 1981 – Equal second in Best and Fairest award of Essendon.
  • 1985 – Member of All Australian.
  • 1984 and 1985 – Member of the Essendon premiership side.

Garry Foulds was one of the best players Essendon ever had. He was calculated, consistent and most importantly, feared among his opponents.

Though he has long retired, his will continue to be remembered for his talents and contribution to Essendon.

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