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Justin Madden AFL Great

Justin Madden is a renowned Australian politician and a former Australian Rules football player.

He is regarded as one of the greats of the game. After a successful career in football, he has made a name for himself in the world of politics. Much like his AFL career, he has had considerable success as a politician.

Justin Madden had an early introduction to the game. The secondary school he attended is known for its emphasis on sports. Due to the influence he had, he started playing professionally at an early age.

During the early stages of his football career, he worked as a teacher as well. The club he initially played for was not giving him enough time on the field so he shifted. The second club he joined saw his potential as a player. He was quick to prove himself as a skilful player and established himself as an important part of the team.

Justin Madden

Justin Madden’s success as a player was a because of a combination of skills and excellent physical attributes.

Justin Madden was great at juggling his career as a player and a teacher. However, he decided to retire as a teacher and devote his undivided attention to football. Though he had achieved some success while managing the two jobs, it was after he gave up teaching that his football career really took off.

In recognition of his contribution to Australian Rules football, he has received many honours and awards. He is considered a unique player. At a time when most players were concentrating on football alone, he managed to complete university level education as well. His dedication led him to have a successful career as a player, a teacher and as a politician.

Early Life

Justin Madden was born in Melbourne, Australia on 31 May, 1961. He completed his primary education at St. Christopher’s in Airport West. He developed a love for football during his college years. He went to St. Bernard’s College which was known for its excellent sports facilities. This early influence pushed him towards the game. However, he was keen on completing his education while fulfilling his passion for the game.

He learnt how to teach at the Institute of Catholic Education and pursued a successful teaching career as well. Many football clubs are known to look for fresh talent in colleges. At the time, Essendon was recruiting and during a visit to St. Bernard’s they spotted Justin. He was recruited by the club and played his first senior league game while still in college.

Early Football Career

Justin Madden was recruited by Essendon in 1980 while still in college. His brother Simon was also a key player for the team. He proved to be a great player in the league but he wasn’t utilised to his potential. Justin Madden believed that he wasn’t getting enough time on the field. His concern for his football career led him to leave Essendon despite it being one of the leading clubs in the AFL. At the time he had played 45 games for the team and scored 20 goals. He joined Carlton after leaving Essendon. His career with Essendon was short-lived but he proved himself as a talented player during the two years he spent there.

Career with Carlton

Justin Madden’s decision to move to Carlton turned things around for him. Blessed with astonishing physical attributes, Justin was 6ft 9” tall and weighed 235lbs. He was one of the tallest players in the AFL. The team utilised his amazing attributes to their full potential. He was made the main ruckman where he provided great service to the team. After joining the team in 1983, he quickly established himself as one of their key players.

Justin Madden drove the club to many Premiership wins and played an important role in the Premiership wins of 1987 and 1995. Justin had a 13-year career at Carlton, playing 287 games for the club and scoring 170 goals. He retired in 1996 but retained his post as the president of the AFL Players’ Association for another year.

Career as President of AFL Players’ Association

After a successful season in 1987, Justin Madden felt the need to give his complete attention to this playing career. In 1988, he retired as a teacher and became a fulltime footballer. Two years later, in 1990, he was made the president of the AFL Players Association. The post was previously held by his brother and former teammate, Simon. He retained the post till the end of his playing career, even getting a one-year extension after he had retired.

Justin Madden brought about a substantial boost in professionalism in the AFL. He also expanded the association for the benefit of every player in the league. Taking full advantage of his position, Justin made sweeping changes in the AFL Players Association. At the time he became the president, Justin Madden was at the peak of his powers as a player and playing for one of the leading clubs in the AFL. Therefore, he was able to take tough decisions without any issues.

Despite his success, he was determined to complete his studies. While managing his responsibilities as a player and president of the AFL Players Association, Justin Madden was enrolled at the RMIT University. He majored in architecture and even worked as an architect for some time.

Post-Football Career

After retiring from the game, Justin Madden continued working as an architect. In addition, he was also made a life member at Carlton. Two years after his retirement he was elected as the Labour candidate for the Legislative Council seat of Doutta Galla Province. This was the beginning of a very successful career for the retired football star.

Awards and Honours

Justin Madden’s contribution and dedication towards Aussie Rules Football is incomparable. Due to this, he received many awards and honours throughout his life.

• He is the lifetime member at the Carlton Football Club.
• In honour of Justin and Simon Madden, Essendon and Carlton have decided to call future contests between them, the Madden Cup.
• He was the winner of the John Nicholls medal in 1985 and 1991.
• He was also named in the All-Australian team in 1995

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