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Following the lead of Great Britain bookmakers Paddy Power and William Hill, Ladbrokes gained access to the vast potential market of Australian punters by purchasing Northern Territory based in 2012 and began to operate as a distinct entity in early spring of 2013.

This tactic was no doubt fueled by awareness of Australians’ love of a good punt and the necessity that faces all companies and especially bookmakers, of either growing or risk being swallowed by a competitor.

There was also a consideration of upcoming elevated taxation in Great Britain with which to contend, somewhat ironic when you consider the role of the bookmaker in wagering transactions, but Ladbrokes did not get to be a 100-plus-year-old bookmaker without at least some degree of business savvy. Join Here

Some might say that the Australian bookmaker market was already crowded, indeed, perhaps saturated, but that assertion might encounter deaf ears amongst punters who reaped the benefits of the presence of another major player.

The Company

The path Ladbrokes took to arrive at where it today will be found was nothing if not interesting. The company was established by two horse racing commission agents in 1886, spending the first 15 or so years of its existence in Worcestershire, England. It was moved to London in 1902, where it first became known by its current name.

They were originally exclusive to the top echelons of British society, but that strategy proved unwieldy, as over the course of two World Wars and the rise of socialistic leanings in the Mother country, the aristocracy declined in terms both of prestige and wealth.

The decision to cater to punters in a more egalitarian fashion came as the company’s fortunes were in serious decline. They were purchased for around 100,000 pounds in 1956, and have been on the upswing more or less continuously since then. Anecdotally, that year marked the retirement of one Mrs. Helen Vernet, who held the unprecedented role of principal on-course representative for Ladbrokes for the better part of 40 years.

Ladbrokes Review

Accounts may be funded with Visa and MasterCard, POLi and Neteller. There are no transaction fees on deposits; however any account that lies dormant for over six months can incur a $25 fee. A service charge could apply if for some reason someone attempted to deposit and withdraw funds without having made any wagers.

Withdrawals are by bank transfer and can be rapidly facilitated through the use of a Ladbrokes ATM-style card that can be used to withdraw cash. Ladbrokes is as good as any at settling dividends in a timely fashion.

The odds at Ladbrokes are competitive, as is to be expected, since to do otherwise would be foolhardy in the extreme. Their margins vary according to the market concerned, but overall, they average 4.8 percent, a little better than the 5.1 amalgamated averages of the other major online bookmakers.

The minimum online bet is only $0.50. Telephone betting is supported with a $20 minimum, which might come into play for any live betting due to the government requirement that all live betting be done via the telephone.

Ladbrokes does require proof of identity for new clients. There are quite a few documents, such as driver’s license and passport, amongst others, that are acceptable. It is also possible to satisfy identity check requirements via the mail. For credit card deposits, it will be necessary to submit a copy of both sides of the card being used. Join Here

Once all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed, punters will find the wagering platform quite pleasant and intuitive with which to interact. It has a clean, uncluttered appearance and is free from annoying animated graphics. It is basically the same interface as was present with, which was widely acknowledged as one of the better. Links for upcoming events take the punter directly to a page that displays all the available markets for that event.

It is well that the web interface is so well done, because Ladbrokes covers racing, sports and novelties such as current affairs, elections and entertainment, offering so many different markets that it may be harder to choose a bet than it is to find one.

A recent example concerning a first-round NHL playoff game offered no fewer than 42 markets. There is, of course, much attention devoted to seasonal Australian sports such as rugby and AFL.

Racing punters will in no way feel neglected, either. There are many well thought-out features to the betting slip, even notification of any applicable promotions that may pertain to any event with which a promotion is associated.

Win bets for many races will permit, in addition to the horse selected, an opportunity to pick the winning margin for a chance to increase the dividend. Every conceivable bet type is offered, along with the usual array of exotics.

The Ladbrokes wagering platform is also available in mobile versions for Apple and Android operating systems. There are hundreds of sports markets and thousands of racing markets offered on the mobile versions and if anyone were looking for a valid justification for taking the smart phone plunge, mobile betting might be just the thing.



About the only possible downside to using Ladbrokes as an agency are the dormant account fees. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where someone would go to the effort to set up an account, even though that effort is minimal and can be done in minutes, and then neglect to utilise that account, but stranger things happen every day.

Major upsides include multiple deposit options, easy sign-up, low minimum bets and account size, excellent multi-betting functions and the world-class wagering platform and mobile applications.

Ladbrokes deserves close consideration as an online bookmaker for the casual punter who wants to have everything in one convenient, easy-to-use format, and even for the more dedicated punter who wants the ability to maximise his wagering account via good odds, better-than-average margins and frequent, creative promotions. Join Here