Luke Power – Former Australian Rules Football Player

Luke Power born on January 8, 1980 is an Australian Rules Footballer who played for the Greater Western Sydney.

He played a very important role in Brisbane Lion’s premierships in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Before joining GWS, Power played for the Brisbane and was co-captain for 2 years. He played 302 games in his entire career. He left his comforts from Melbourne in the year 1997 and started his career with the Brisbane. Power was moulded into a league footballer by Mathews. The fledging coaching views of Power were shaped by the team coach Michael Voss.

luke power

With a weight of 79 kg and height of he is considered as one of the powerful players with a strong kick. He is one of the players who juggled playing as well as coaching duties with efficiency. He did much for the Lions Football Club and at the same time, he used to guide young players through the rigours of AFL official coaching tag under tactics. He is very well aware of the on-field as well as off-field challenges better than any other player. Luke Power has played a very important role in promoting Aussie rules in NQ.

Playing Career (1998 – 2011)

Luke Power debuted in Brisbane Lions club in 1998 as an 18 year old boy. It is the time when Queensland was an NRL-driven state. Since then, he has been noted for his kicking skills and desire to make a goal. He was made the vice-captain of the team in 2004 and won All-Australian selection in the year 2004. He was out of contract in between, but made a great come back I Collingwood Football Club. He made his mind to stay with the Brisbane Lions and retained his position in the year 2005. He became an inaugural member of the team’s leadership group in 2006 under the captaincy of Michael Voss.

Luke Power was made co-captain after the retirement of Voss in 2007.
At the beginning of the year 2009, Michael Voss became the new coach and changed the system of electing the co-captain. The year 2009 was a consistent year for Power and gave 615 disposals for the Lions. He stood in 4th position in the Best and Fairest Player award. He was appointed the 13th president of the AFL player association in the year 2010, after 3 years of co-captaincy in 2007 and vice-captaincy in 2009. He was one of the most experienced co-captain.

In the year 2010, Luke Power played his 250th game in which Lions took Collingwood at Gabba. It was the match where the Lions dominated Collingwood by 8 points and gave a perfect milestone for celebrating their victory. The year 2011 was a great year of achievement and awards for Power, where he remained as one of the 3 players who won triple-premiership in 2001-2003 from the side of the Brisbane Lions.

Power played 282 games in total for the Lions and announced his retirement from AFL. With nearly 282 games, 226 goals and 14 seasons under his belt, Power is considered as the most seasoned played on AFL.

Post Football Career

Luke Power retired in 2012 because of the reason that his position in the Lions would not be guaranteed. During the end of season 2011, he announced that he would be joining Greater Western Sydney, where he was made co-captain. He became the 66th person to play 300 VFL/AFL games in the Round 21 of the 2012 season. He won AFL players association medal post retirement.

He will be in assistant coaching role from 2013. Initially, he doesn’t have plans to go into the role of coaching, but he made his mind and entered the field of coaching at GIANTS with the defensive group.

Awards And Achievements

  • AFL Premiership Brisbane Lions in the year 2001, 2002 and 2003
  • All-Australian: 2004
  • Captains of the Brisbane Lions
  • Captains of the Greater Western Sydney Football Club
  • All-Australian team
  • Brisbane Lions A.F.C. Co-Captain for the period of 2007–2008
  • AFL Players’ Association Madden Medal: 2012

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