Robert Harvey VFL Retired Player

One of the greats of Australian Rules football, Robert Jeffrey Harvey

Current assistant coach for Collingwood, Robert Harvey started his career with Seaford. He was the grandson of former Australian cricketer Merv Harvey, but it was his skills and dedication that made him one of the top fifty players.

He started off as a great player and was recruited by St. Kilda. This is where he made his debut into Australian Football League (AFL). In light of his playing techniques, Harvey won many awards throughout his career, including the league’s highest honour, the Brownlow Medal.

In addition to the awards that he received, he was a member of the All-Australian team.Robert Harvey

Early Life

Robert Harvey was a great Aussie Rules player for twenty years after which he retired. After his retirement he went on to become assistant coach for Carlton, St. Kilda and now currently Collingwood.

Playing Career

As an Australian Rules footballer, Robert Harvey was known for his amazing short passes and speed. To this day he is known as one of St. Kilda’s best midfielders.

Early Career

Robert Harvey initiated his career with Seaford and was recruited by St. Kilda at an early age. St. Kilda was Harvey’s ticket into the Victorian Football League.

After being recruited in 1988, he played his first VFL game the same year. His first senior game was against Footscray at the Western Oval. After displaying his true potential at his first VFL game, he played for St. Kilda at the 1991 AFL Grand Final.

Although St. Kilda was not able to take home the premiership, it was their first Grand Final since 1973.

The year 1992 was a big one for Robert as he was selected to represent the Big V against South Australia. He was just four years into his playing career but he still managed to win the E.J. Whitten Medal.

The same year, Harvey drove St. Kilda to yet another AFL grand final. This was the second time the club was playing in the Grand Finals since 1973. Like the previous year, they were not able to get the flag, but Robert Harvey made a name for himself in the league.

The same year, he was awarded the league’s Best and Fairest award for his unmatched performance. That aside, one of the most remarkable achievements for Robert that year was his selection into the All-Australian Team.

Robert Harvey’s career took off in 1993 as he was chosen to represent the Big V for the second consecutive year. He played the interstate match against South Australia and later won the E.J. Whitten Medal again for being the best player on the field. The 1993 E.J. Whitten Medal was his second in two years.

Later Career

1994 marked one of the most important years in Robert Harvey’s career. First of all, he completed one hundred league games when St. Kilda was playing against North Melbourne. This was in the second round of the 1994 AFL season.

In lieu of his performance that season, Robert Harvey was awarded the league’s Best and Fairest award. This was his second Best and Fairest Award since 1992. In addition, to completing his century game and his league award, he was again selected as an All-Australian.

He made selection of the All-Australian again the following year in 1995 for the third time. Robert drove St. Kilda to the pre-season games and the league won the 1996 Ansett Australia Cup. This marked the club’s first pre-season victory.

His consistent performance earned him another chance at representing Victoria the same year. This time, the Big V played against The Allies and Harvey took home yet another E.J. Whitten Medal. Helping St Kilda win the Ansett Australian Cup and having won the E.J. Whitten Medal, Robert Harvey again managed to get selected as an All-Australian for the fourth time.

Robert Harvey drove St. Kilda to first place at the 1997 AFL season. He played all twenty-two matches home and away rounds. This marked the second Minor Premiership win for the team. St. Kilda won its first McClelland Trophy in the same season.

On a good winning streak, he managed to take the club to the 1997 AFL Grand Finals, but the team was not able to win. The Grand Final was won by the Adelaide Crows.

Robert Harvey was at the peak of his career in 1997 as he averaged thirty possessions per game. In addition, he won many awards that season. For starters, he won the Best and Fairest Award for St. Kilda for the third time. Also, he once again made it as an All-Australian for the fifth time. The 1997 AFL Players Association’s Most Valuable Player award was also given to Harvey.

To top it all, he even won the coveted Brownlow medal that year.


During the 2001 and the 2002 Australian Football League Premiership seasons, Robert Harvey was captain of St. Kilda.

He was not able to lead the team to a premiership victory, but he did make it as an All-Australian for the eighth time in 2002. He was also included in the league’s Team of the Century in 2003.


In 2008, Harvey was the only player to have played twenty-one VFL/AFL seasons consecutively. He had played over 300 games.
The same year, Harvey drove St. Kilda to the finals against Hawthorn. Unfortunately, St. Kilda was not able to win the game and Harvey decided to retire after that game.


Towards the end of 2008, Harvey joined Carlton as a Fitness Coach and became an assistant coach to Brett Ratten by 2009. In 2010, he returned as an assistant coach to St. Kilda. Finally, in 2011, he secured the position of assistant coach at Collingwood.


Throughout his career, Robert Harvey won the most coveted award, the Brownlow Medal in 1997 and 1998. In addition, he was an eight time All-Australian Team member and had represented the Big V three times.

In the three games that he played for Victoria, he won the E.J. Whitten Medal for the Best Player on the field in each one. When Harvey retired, in 2008, he had the third highest tally of games at 383.

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