Shane Crawford former Australian Rules football player

To this day, Shane Crawford is considered as one of the best players to ever play in the AFL.

Born in Mount Barker, South Australia, Shane Crawford is a former Australian Rules football player. He began his senior football career with Hawthorn.

He remained loyal to the club throughout his career. His career with the club led him to play a considerable number of games, becoming one of their most-capped players. To this day, Shane Crawford is considered as one of the best players to ever play in the AFL.

His dedication and contribution to the game were unmatched. Due to this he received many honours and awards during his career.

Shane Crawford is still remembered by the Hawks. He was one of their best midfielders. He had a spectacular career and his trophies and medals account for the fact. He won the club’s best and fairest award a number of times, and also won many coveted medals.

After his retirement he was inducted in the Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Shane Crawford

Even after his retirement from professional football, he is still loved and respected. Following his retirement, Shane Crawford found success in his second career, this time as a television personality. In addition to football, Shane Crawford has also made a name for himself as a Guinness World Record holder.

He set five new world records during a television show broadcast. Shane Crawford is also well-known for his fundraising and awareness work.

Early Life

Shane Crawford was born on 9 September 1974 in Mount Barker, South Australia. He was raised in Finley, New South Wales and was introduced to football at an early age. From the beginning Shane Crawford was quite passionate about football.

He started playing for the Finley Football Club and proved to be an outstanding performer. After completing school, Shane Crawford went to the Assumption College in Kilmore, Victoria and joined their football team. Since he had started playing football early on, his skills with the ball were quite refined by then.

This is where he was spotted by the Hawks. After careful analysis of Shane Crawford ’s skills, he was found to be fit to join the Hawks despite being in his early teens. He was the 13th pick of the AFL Draft that year.

After his selection in the 1991 AFL Draft, he started playing for the Hawks after a couple of years. He proved to be an explosive performer and made a name for himself as one of Hawthorn’s key players.

Career With Hawthorn

After Shane Crawford was selected by Hawthorn in the 1991 AFL Draft, he began playing for the team in 1993. His skills with the ball were impeccable. He played as a midfielder for the Hawks and helped them win and retain possession for long periods in the game.

His precision and dedication led him to win many awards. He was awarded the club’s Best and Fairest Award four times. In addition to the Best and Fairest Award, he won the Leigh Matthews trophy and the coveted Brownlow Medal as well. He was also an All-Australian.

He was made the captain of the Hawks and he led the team to many spectacular victories.

Unfortunately, Shane Crawford broke his arm during a game and had to remain off the field for a while. This happened in 2004. Due to his broken arm, Shane Crawford stepped down from the captain’s position because the team needed someone else to lead the team in his absence.

After his return the following year, he re-established himself as the best possession winner. He is one of the few AFL players to have played more than 300 games in their career.

Shane Crawford completed 300 games in 2008. The game was against Brisbane. The Hawks, led by Shane Crawford defeated Brisbane by 69 points. He announced his retirement in 2008 having played 305 games.

Career After Football

After his retirement from the game, Shane Crawford took up a career which would keep him close to the game he loved. He became a television show presenter for The Footy Show. He is also a permanent panel member of The Footy Show. Shane Crawford is also a presenter for an Australian holiday series called Postcards.

Shane Crawford is loved not only for his spectacular playing career but also for his fundraising work. He was a contestant in on The Celebrity Apprentice. The series featured celebrities competing with each other. The objective was to win as much money as possible for a charity they supported.

Shane is a supporter of the Breast Cancer Network Australia and managed to raise $49,311 for it.

Honours And Awards

Shane Crawford is the proud winner of a Brownlow Medal, which he won in 1999. He was also the Hawk’s captain the same year and won a Leigh Matthews trophy as well.

In addition, he won many other honours and awards:

• When he started playing for the Hawks in 1993 he was nominated as a Rising Star.
• In 1999 the AFL Players Association awarded the Most Valuable Player Award to him.
• He was a representative for many teams:
o Allies State Of Origin
o NSW State Of Origin
• He won various medals throughout his career:
o Alex Jesaulenko Medal in 1998
o The Brownlow Medal in 1999
• Shane also won the Leigh Matthews Trophy in 1999.
• He was a member of the All-Australian Team four times between 1996 and 2002.
• He was the club captain from 1994 to 2004.
• He was also the captain in the 2002 International Rules Series. He played two other International Rules Series before he was made captain, one in 1998 and the other in 1999.
• Following his retirement, he was inducted in the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2012.

World Records

In addition to football, Shane holds quite a few Guinness World Records:

• He was in a large tank for 30 seconds with 157 Golden Orb Spiders on his body.
• He kissed 96 people on the face in one minute.
• He broke the former world record of putting on 150 pairs of underwear. Shane put on 180 pairs of underwear.
• Shane Crawford even cracked 90 eggs with his head in one minute.
• Shane and Adrian Mott wore a single pantomime horse costume and broke the world record for the 100-meter sprint.

These records were broken by Shane in 2009 during the broadcast of The Footy Show.

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