Sportsbet Cash Out

Sportsbet Cash Out

Second guessing yourself goes with the territory for any punter who has tasted the bitter letdown of watching the last leg of a nice multi fail dismally. Should have, would have, could have, are six words so common to the punter vocabulary. 

Compounding the agony is the awful realisation, combined with the benefit of hindsight, that the last leg of an otherwise brilliant multi was stupendously questionable. Even worse, the pain of such a bad wager lingers long after the pleasure of a good one has subsided, and is much worse than the damage done to your bank.

Sportsbet feels your pain and has the perfect remedy. You can Cash Out of your bet any time after the bet has been placed. This might be the perfect way to escape with a victory on those occasions when you find yourself staring at your multibet and realizing that you picked Lankan Rupee to win a Cups Double, or the Shark to win the 2015 Masters.

We know you have never done anything that ridiculous, but it often seems as if that were the case.

The Sportsbet Cash Out programme permits you to rectify your mistakes before they come back to haunt you.

The offer only applies to bets placed through the Sportsbet desktop website, is not applicable in instances when a free bet has been used, and the Cash Out amount will fluctuate along with the betting odds. The other key provision of the offer is that any phone bets must be cashed out over the phone. You can even cash out In Play wagers.

The next time you experience that sinking feeling that comes from the certain knowledge that your stake is soon to be gone, use Sportsbet Cash Out to preserve your valuable punting capital.