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Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping: Join Here

Thousands of AFL and NRL fans have much to look forward to this season with two super competitions offered by Sportsbet for this season.

The online bookmaker has a great feast in store for Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping members, which includes a huge prize pool of cash and bonus bets worth over $1 million.

Million Dollar Tipping AFL NRL

More Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competitions?

The Best Tipsters every Round of the AFL & NRL seasons will win or share $10,000 cash per comp !! Yes that is right, every week.

And at the end of the season, members that finish first in either event go home with $100,000 cash.

These aren’t just the typical competitions where one winner takes all.

There are going to be many winners along the way. From a $50 cash deposit right up to the $100,000 prize. Members can watch out for a wide range of cash deposits right through the season. And watch out for 3 jackpot rounds in the AFL and NRL seasons where the weekly prize will double to $20,000. The best tippers of these 3 rounds win or share $20,000.

Just make sure to log on to the Sportsbet website and sign up for a free account for up to date information on the competition, prizes, and more.

The nature and distribution of prizes vary for the AFL and NRL competitions. Once you register for a free account you can enroll in the Million Dollar Tipping AFL and NRL competitions, and perhaps, make your way to the Sportsbet Hall of Fame.

Join Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping

When you join the Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competition, it gives you many privileges.

You can have a closer look at where you stand in the competitions throughout the season and your rank in the week ladders.

After all, you could be the lucky winner of $10,000 during any of the weeks. If you wish to boast of your position you can set up private ladders so that your family, friends and maybe a few rivals as well can watch as turn a winner.

Don’t miss the bus. It’s time to log on to the Sportsbet website for details on the free Million Dollar tipping competitions. Most importantly, be an early bird and sign up if you haven’t already.

NRL and AFL Million Dollar Tipping by Sportsbet

NRL And AFL Million Dollar Tipping

For the NRL and AFL Million Dollar Tipping contests you get one point for each correct tip. To participate, you simply pick the winners for the games of each round.

Your ranking will depend on how many games you can pick correctly compared to the other competitors.

You can put your footy skills to the test in every round in the last match and predict the winning margin. Try out the new Quick Tip which tips the favourites for the round or select randomise if you are feeling really lucky.

The Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition for the AFL and NRL is Australia’s richest free tipping competition. So join early and don’t miss out on any of the games.

Current Prizes For Both AFL And NRL Competitions

Winner AFL NRL
1st Prize $100,000 $100,000
2nd $50,000 $50,000
3rd $25,000 $25,000
4th $10,000 $10,000
5th $7,500 $7,500
6th $5,000 $5,000
7th $3,000 $3,000
8th $2,000 $2,000
9th $1,000 $1,000
10th $500 $500
11th – 20th $250 $250
21st – 50th $200 $200
51st – 100th $100 $100
101st – 250th $50 $50

Join Here And Be Part Of The Richest Competition In Australia

The Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition are open to all Australian residents over the age of 18.

The NRL and AFL competitions are separate, so you can join one or both of them. You can now register for both the AFL Footy Tipping and the NRL Footy tipping comps to double your chances of winning the richest footy tipping competition in Australia, and don’t forget the Million Dollar Spring Racing Carnvial Tipping Comp starting up in September.

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping is FREE to enter for Sportsbet members.

Free Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition and bonuses.