Stephen Silvagni was one of the greatest fullback players of Carlton Football Club

Stephen Silvagni is one of the very few players who have played more than 300 games in AFL/VFL.

Born on May 31, 1967, Stephen Silvagni was one of the greatest fullback players to have ever played in Australian Rules. He earned a very funny nickname of SOS. Though one may think of SOS as an international Morse code for distress signal, the nickname SOS for Stephen Silvagni had a different meaning altogether.

SOS which was actually pronounced as Soss stood for “Son of Serge”. He earned this nickname because his father Sergio Silvagni was another great player of Carlton Football Club.


Playing Career

1985 to 2001: Carlton Football Club
Stephen Silvagni started his VFL/AFL career in 1985. Until retirement in 2001, Stephen Silvagni continued to play for Carlton and became one of the best ever defensive players for the team. His skill earned him the status of a true clubman.

Despite the fact that he was a fullback player, he was often found playing in full-forward position and was known for his ability marking as well as goal kicking. Of 312 games he played in total, he kicked 202 goals which tells that we was also a great full-forward player.

At full-forward position, one of his greatest games was in Round 16 of 1993 season when he kicked 10 goals against Fitzroy Lions.

The 1995 season was perhaps the best ever he played throughout his career when during the Grand Final he kept the legendary Gary Ablett completely goalless throughout the match. Stephen Silvagni was actually playing defence in that particular match.

Stephen Silvagni was the member of AFL Team of the Century in 1996 as a fullback. He retained his title as best fullback for 4 years in a row. Stephen Silvagni’s blanketing techniques were well-renowned but he was no less popular as a high-flyer as well. It was his high-flyer capability that earned him the Mark of the Year title in 1988.

However, while attempting one such mark, he contracted a serious ankle injury and his high-flyer bouts almost disappeared.

There was another hidden talent of Stephen Silvagni that is less spoken of. He was also a great goalkeeper and took up that responsibility several times in Australian International Rules team and in 1998 went on to win the Jim Stynes Medal.


Stephen Silvagni retired from AFL in 2001. After retirement he worked as an assistant coach for Western Bulldogs, Sydney, Collingwood and St. Kilda. In 2011 he became the list manager for Greater Western Sydney Football Club.

Awards And Achievements

Stephen Silvagni’s warehouse of awards and achievements is pretty decorated. His skills earned him a lot of praise and awards that will keep motivating Australian Rules players for years to come. Here is a quick list of his awards and achievements:
• 1990 and 1996 – Won the best and fairest award of Carlton.
• 1998 to 2001: Played as the vice-captain of Carlton.
• 1996: Stephen Silvagni was inducted into Carlton Hall of Fame.
• 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999 – Was a member of All-Australian.
• 1987 and 1995 – Played for the premiership teams of Carlton.
• 1988 – Earned the Mark of the Year title.
• 1998 and 1999 – Was a member of International Rules team.
• 1998 – Won the Jim Stynes Medal.
• He was a member of AFL/VFL Italian Team of the Century.
• Stephen Silvagni was a member of AFL Team of the Century and was honoured with best fullback.
• He has been inducted into Australian Football Hall of Fame.

Stephen Silvagni will continue to shine as one of the brightest stars on AFL/VFL sky and Carlton Football Club as well as Australian Rules will remember him as one of the best fullback players to have ever played in Australian Football.

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