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Based in Malta, established in 1997 and operating successfully in the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and other places in the world.

Bookmaker Unibet pursued and gained admittance to the fertile market represented by Australia and New Zealand in late 2012.

This was accomplished by acquiring Betchoice, the Australian gambling agency that began in 2001 as the result of the efforts of two Sydney bookmakers.

It was licensed by the Northern Territory government in 2006.

Unibet remains a world-wide gambling agency that operates sports and racing, casino games, poker, bingo and more. This Bookmaker is highly recommended.

Our focus for the moment will concentrate on the Unibet Australia division. We will look at some of the details of the operation and some considerations to examine for anyone thinking about using Unibet as their wagering portal to the Australian and New Zealand sports and racing scene.

Unibet Australia Details

This agency, following the lead of others that gained a foothold in the southern hemisphere by purchasing a previously established bookmaker, obviously knew that whilst Australia and New Zealand are prime markets, the competitive environment was fierce to the extent that nothing other than a splashy entrance would earn the attention of punters who already had in their possession many good agencies from which to choose.

In the case of Unibet, this entrance consisted of not just one big splash, but several big splashes and a few smaller ones as well.

In an effort to appeal to the casual, infrequent punter, Unibet will permit an account to be funded for as low as $10. Unibet further entices novice punters with minimum online wager levels of as low as $0.10 and provides telephone betting, a mandatory requirement for anyone interested in live, in-play betting, for $10.

Three other features of Unibet’s service that will appeal to anyone are the total lack of dormant account fees, turnover requirements of any kind for deposited funds and transaction fees, regardless of deposit method.

Unibet’s available funding methods should be more than adequate. The accept VISA, MasterCard, BPAY and POLi. Getting dividends out is by having a credit issued to a credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Unibet does have what would have to be considered elaborate maximum payout and betting limits which differ according to sports or race betting.

But these limits are quite high and anyone to whom these limits present an issue has no need of advice in the area of selecting a betting agency and obviously even less need for any wagering advice.

They do not offer any credit betting, which is probably just as well considering the foolishness of borrowing money with which to wager or the even more foolish practice of lending it for those purposes.

Unibet’s odds are in line with the other big bookmakers; they would obviously have to be. Regarding margin, what information is available puts Unibet slightly above the average, but not to a degree that would negate any of the other benefits of a wagering account with Unibet.


Unibet Wagering Website

Anyone who has had the experience with any website of seeing the website’s operators change things for any reason other than simply making it necessary to learn the website all over will appreciate that Unibet did not do any such thing with the Betchoice website.

In fact, the layout is one that is very commonplace with most of the online bookmakers, a layout that makes it easy to locate a desired sport or race, examine the odds, and then make the desired selections and submit a betting slip. Sports and races are in a column on the left of the page, markets and odd are in the centre and betting functions are on the right. Simple, clean, and effective.

There are plenty of shortcuts that speed things up even more, even one for the perpetually tardy to remind them of upcoming events set to commence in the next one to four hours.

Those who enjoy using statistical and historical information for assistance in placing their punts will find those categories present in abundance, even for their own past history.

There is also a nice feature that serves to identify which markets are open for live betting and it is quite easy to gain the information regarding how odds and markets are shifting throughout the course of an event, even though in-play betting must rely on the telephone due to government edict.

Unibet’s mobile wagering platform has its own dedicated website, rather than an application specific to mobile device operating systems that must be downloaded and stored. Anyone with mobile device memory bursting at the seams will appreciate this approach to mobile betting on Unibet’s part.


On the plus side, the lack of transaction fees on deposits, no dormant account fees, low minimum wagers, zero turnover requirements on deposits, good odds and easy to navigate wagering platforms do much to suggest that practically anyone would be satisfied with Unibet as a sole betting agency or as one of a number.

On the minus side, there are mostly just minor quibbles, such as the opinion expressed by some regarding the colour scheme of some of the web pages and the possibility that Unibet margins might not be as low as that of some of the other online bookmakers.

Overall, Unibet has acquitted itself admirably since becoming a dynamic part of the crowded Australian and New Zealand wagering market. Sign Up Here » »